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The case that we have for you today is as much about the crime as what happened next, about death as much as life. It is about morality as much as ethics, as much about the society we seek to create as much as the punishment it doles out to those who threaten it. This case will come to be discussed for generations of Indian law students. It is the story of a 25-year-old nurse just seeking to make a difference, help those in need, and live a normal, happy life. And then, on the night of 27th November 1973, the actions of one man changed this woman’s life forever and pushed her into a 42-year-long nightmare. This is the story of a case that moved India and moved the world. This is the story of Aruna Shanbaug.


Today’s episode comes all the way from Nepal, where a young girl had big dreams like any other. Her doting family moved across cities and states, all for the sake of their daughter’s promising future, until that young girl got a phone call that changed her life forever. Soon after, her parents got a phone call too — a call that shattered the life they had built and all the happiness within it. This is the story of that young girl. This is the story of Khyati Shreshtha.


How I’m looking? Beautiful, sexy, or hot?” One could have easily mistaken these words to be uttered by a Kim Kardashian, a Kendal Jenner or some other young woman on Instagram seeking fame, if only it was not for the broken English. The broken English hides a story much deeper than an appeal for likes on social media. The minor grammatical difference underscores a world altogether different than the one of TikTok stars. These were the very words that gave a woman in Pakistan a new life; a life she had always desired. But the very same words were also responsible for snatching away her life from her. This is the story of Qandeel Baloch.


When we cover these cases, the ones that hit the hardest are those with the clearest injustice: deep-rooted, disturbing, and plain to see. Cases where the very ones tasked with righting injustice — our parents, our schools, our police — are the ones who perpetrate it. It makes all of our blood boil to hear of lives destroyed, families torn apart, futures snatched over trivialities. If you feel this way too, this case is your worst nightmare come to life: a nightmare one 14-year-old girl had to live through 32 years ago. This is a case that shook India to its core. This is the story of Ruchika Girhotra.

Desi – (ˈdsiˈdɛsi/; Hindustani: [d̪eːsi]Used to describe the people, cultures, and products of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and their diaspora, derived from Sanskrit देश (deśá), meaning “land, country”.

The Craziest True Crime on the Indian Subcontinent

Jack the Ripper, Zodiac, Son of Sam – yeah, yeah… Those are the ones you know…But where are the Dons of Delhi and Killers of Karachi? From The Lost Debate, The Desi Crime Podcast brings you Desi Killers, Desi Kidnappers, and Desi Criminal. Every week, Aishwarya and Aryaan will take you on a journey through the goriest, most corrupt, and rarely covered cases from South Asia. Did you know that the Guinness World Record for the most prolific murderer of all time belongs to an Indian, with over 931 murders? I bet you didn’t! But those are the kinds of stories you’ll hear on The Desi Crime Podcast…So, if you’re looking for a different kind of true crime, The Desi Crime Podcast brings you DESI crimes from India, Pakistan, Nepal, and other brown communities.

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Half “Joe-Rogan-listening-gym-bro” and half “Rupert-Brooke-reading-romantic,” Aryaan Misra’s name means “destined to do something great.” So naturally, he embarked on the noble path of creating a true-crime podcast. Although Aryaan was compelled to choose between the noble professions of engineering or medicine while growing up in India after much thought and contemplation (and to his mother’s disappointment) he majored in philosophy. As any good philosopher would do, he wrote a campus-wide memo on the importance of protecting free speech, which unsurprisingly didn’t get the most positive reception from his fellow students. His free speech shenanigans led him to work with filmmaker Ted Balaker on “The Coddling of The American Mind” documentary, announce that he’s a liberal on Fox and Friends, and serendipitously meet his boss, Ravi. Aryaan has served as a mentor to aspiring podcasters for Spotify and he’s hitchhiked across Africa and Asia. He’d be happy to tell you all about the adventure many, many, many, many, many times.


Originally born in India, Aishwarya Singh is a world traveler. Having lived in 20 different cities spanning four countries and four continents, she finally decided to settle down in the good ole’ USA in 2019. When Aishwarya isn’t getting her weekly dose of adrenaline by turning off the lights and tuning into the “Crime Junkie” podcast alone at night, she is thinking about those pesky nuclear weapons running amok all around the world. Aishwarya has previously interned under Shelton Williams, an advisor to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and was a special assistant to Madeleine Albright. When she isn’t working on her own podcast or thinking about the thermodynamic stability of the atomic nucleus, Aishwarya can be found buried under a pile of LSAT books, volunteering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or hunting on Zillow for real estate beyond her reach.


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Spine chilling narrative of incidents around us
Ahmad_Owais via Apple Podcasts
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“I came across this podcast just randomly browsing through the list. At that point I did not have any peculiar interest in true crime as well. However just taking a step forward I played one of the episodes. I was truly amazed by how exceptionally well the case was presented in a duration of about 30 minutes. The narrative skill of both the speakers is commendable. What makes this podcast unique for me that it is one of a kind focusing on crimes either happening in India or done by people somehow related to India. This Indian perspective make me more attached the story and even makes me wonder that how volatile our surrounding are. Truly amazing work, both the speakers. Keep up the good work."
Dakshita Chandra via Apple Podcasts
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“Coming up with the most interesting and intriguing true crime stories for people. Love the detailed research and I end up reading about it myself. My favourite True Crime Podcast, no questions asked. 🙌🏽🔥”
Gold Standard of True Crime
Pinky sen via Apple Podcasts
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“The genre of true crime in podcasts has propelled this medium further especially in the Indian subcontinent and it’s thanks to shows like The Desi Crime. While it is still early days for The Desi Crime to be competing with shows like Morbidology or Casefile, their touch of focusing on South Asian crimes makes them unique. The proficiency of its hosts Aryaan and Aishwarya supplemented with well-researched and structured content indeed makes them a show to watch out for. I would highly recommend tuning into The Desi Crime!”
xyz2909 via Apple Podcasts
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“If I could I would give this podcast a 10/10 because it is just that good. I’ve listened to a lot of true crime podcasts but the way Aryaan and Aishwarya carry this podcast is commendable. The podcast is so professional and just how a true crime podcast should be. Just like them even I’m a college student in the US so I know how stressful life here is. Despite this they deliver quality content that will satisfy your desi crime cravings”
A real thrill crime podcast
a_cheap_asparagus via Apple Podcasts
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“The podcast is actually the definition of quality over quantity. They take their time and if they have some issues, they actually post it on their insta or twitter handle to inform us. Other podcasts don’t even care to state the reason for their delay. I usually listen this podcast on Spotify, but because of the content they were giving I had to open apple podcasts on my Mac just to write this review. It’s worth giving a try and I hope you like it dear desi-crime fan. :)”
A place to listen, know and understand the darker side of our DESH
Payal.22 via Apple Podcasts
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“Aishwarya and Aryaan, you have no idea how you guys have hooked me. Crime- check, Reality- check, unparalleled narrative- check. This podcast has it all. For all crime stories lovers, this is your station!!”
Well Told and Fills Much Needed Niche
HTXUSA via Apple Podcasts
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“As an avid crime podcast listener, this is one of the best ones I’ve heard and much needed. It fills a niche in the crime world, for a region filled with crimes that need to come alive publicly but often fail to gain any international or even regional recognition. Thanks both, for creating this podcast and doing the immense research that goes into your very well told narratives.”
Keeps me on my toes
riakar via Apple Podcasts
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“I love this show sooo much! I literally wait every week for a new episode so I can listen to it before bedtime! The best thing about this show is the narration from both hosts - very well edited and narrated in a story telling fashion with a bit of cheeky banter :)”
Great Story Tellers!
CarlSearch via Apple Podcasts
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“I love this podcast! I got the opportunity to visit India 🇮🇳 in February and March of 2020 and fell in love with the country. The two hosts are great story tellers! ❤️”
Detailed research and amazing narration.
Vishrut Vatsa via Apple Podcasts
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“Loved the gripping stories you guys are narrating. Keep up the good work Aryaan and Aishwarya.”
aaznaaa via Apple Podcasts
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“I literally wait every week for another thrilling episode.”
I’m addicted to this show
Architues via Apple Podcasts
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“I started last week and finished this podcast in 7 days. Loved how each story is narrated and researched. I generally listen to this while driving, it makes the Bangalore traffic bearable. Can’t wait for the next episode!”

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