By 1976, five people are dead within a small radius around a house in Bangkok. This house belongs to wealthy gem dealer Alain Gautier, and his wife, Monique. But, as of now, nobody had successfully drawn the connection between Alain and the deaths of foreign travelers on the hippy trail. But that was all going to change. Simultaneously, two couples are working to reveal the truth about Alain and the people around him: Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg, and his wife, Angela. And Nadine Gires and her husband Remi Gires. Now, these two couples are about to meet and make history. Welcome to part two of the Bikini Killer. Welcome to the story of Charles Sobhraj

The case that we have for you today is not just a case, its a saga. This is a story of not one murder, it’s a story of 12. “21 year old American woman drugged and drowned in Bangkok”; “Turkish man found doused in gasoline and burnt to death near Pattaya”; “Dutch couple found drugged, strangled and burnt alive in Thailand”….and the countless news reports of dead or missing foreign nations just wouldn’t stop. This is the story of one man behind these killings and this is the story of one man that uncovered it all. This is the story of Charles Sobhraj.

The episode that we have for you today is a follow up update on the last episode we created, The Bed Box Murder. The story is of a beautiful, young girl, Snehal Gaware, whose murder shook the city of Mumbai and led to the conviction of her boyfriend Hiren Rathod. A lot has happened in the 24 hours since we uploaded that episode and new, shocking details have come to the surface. So, here it is, for all of you, the unplanned Part 2 of the Bed Box Murder. Here is the story of Snehal Gaware.

A beautiful, young girl has just begun to live her life, only just begun to explore relationships, friendships, academic success but fails to see the signs of the disaster that is coming her way. This is the story of a family, a happy and loving household, broken and destroyed for an unknown cause and a murder that kept Mumbai cops on their toes for almost a decade. This is the story of an romance gone wrong, allegedly. This is the story of Snehal Gaware.

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