In the northern mountains of the Kybher Pakhtunkhwa region in Pakistan in an area known as Kohistan, a leaked video of four singing girls and two dancing boys is spreading among the locals. What seems like an innocent and playful video, is anything but. As cold as it is in the snowy mountains of Kohistan, this story is even colder. Begum Jan, Shireen Jan, Bazigha and Amna all murdered in cold blood. Burned in hot coals and splashed with boiling water, the girls’ own families tortured them for 30 days in a small room until their ultimate demise. But even though they’re dead, their fate ests in the hands of an iron-jawed man — Afzal Kohistani, who’s putting his life on the line for justice. Welcome back to the Kohistan Video Murders, Part 2.

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